We work hard to bring in fun and exciting candies and novelties from all over the world to create a new adventure every time you walk into our store! 



Nostalgic Candy

Find the old-fashioned candy from your childhood!

They’re back… Tart-N-Tinys, Wacky Wafers, Astro Pops, and Nehi soda…. After years of not being in production, these old favorites have made a comeback!!! We are so happy to welcome them back on our shelves.

You can always count on these old-school favorites filling our shelves: BB Bats, Kits, Bit-O-Honey, Fun Dip, Gold Coins, Candy Cigarettes, Bottle Caps, Zotz, Fruit Stripe Gum, Gold Mine Gum, Pop Rocks, Rootbeer Barrels, Lemon Drops, Atomic Fireballs, and so much more!

International Candy

Come travel the world in candy without ever leaving town!

Violet Crumbles from Australia and featuring chocolatey UK candies: Flakes, Coffee Crisp, Kinder Bars, Smarties, Mars Bars, Lion Bars, Aero Bars, Curly Wurley’s, Crunchies, and more.

German candies such as, a large selection of Ritter Bars, Haribo Roulettes and other Haribo gummies. Asian candies from Pockey and Kasuagi gummies to the super-popular Ramune sodas in five flavors.

Spain brings us cream-inspired Chupa Chups lollipops and we have a variety of spicy Beny Mexican candies and the paste-y treat by Pelon.

And… Licorice! 
We specialize in red and black licorice with over 24 varieties, from places around the world: Holland, Australia, England, and United States.

“You’re a Wizard, Harry”

Come see our Harry Potter corner and get your fix of Bertie Botts. We are a preferred Jelly Belly retailer and have all of the new Harry Potter chocolate wands, chocolate crests and beasts, as well as, the new gummi creatures with all new packaging and collector’s cards.

You can fly your house colors with beanie caps and scarves representing each house. And for the serious fan, we carry the best quality Sorting Hats, Quidditch Goggles, wire-rimmed glasses, and many other specialty items.


What is your favorite find at Cravin’s?

Block 1

“My favorite chocolate bar!”

Block 2

“I love cotton candy!”

Block 3

“Nehi soda!”

Block 4

“Gelato for date night”

Block 1

“Unicorn gelato and cute unicorns!”

Block 2

“Candy art!”

Block 3

“Big League Chew!”

Block 4

“Yummy hot cocoa!”

They have nearly EVERYTHING you’re looking for when it comes to nostalgia goodies, edible and non. I can’t wait to… visit Cravin’s again. Such a unique and fun shop.”

Marla C — 5-Star FB Review

Clark bars and Zagnuts. Flake. Big Turk. Bottle Caps. GooGoo Clusters. Mary Janes. Imported Cadburys. And, drumroll, please… the only place in the valley I have found bottled Moxie soda!!! … Five stars for Moxie and Zagnut!”

Jason M — 5-Star Google Review