The best part about coming into Cravin’s: our ice cream case! Filled with delicious gelato in amazing flavors.

We hand pick our 24 flavors every season. You can count on classic favorites like dark chocolate and vanilla bean, or try something unique like unicorn bubblegum or s’mores. We also have a selection of refreshing, dairy-free fruit sorbettos.

Chose from kid-size, regular, large, or scoop up a pint to take home!




Gelato is an Italian ice cream containing little or no air and less dairy fat than traditional ice creams. The result: a dense, flavorful ice cream!


Bavarian Mint 
Refreshing mint gelato swirled with dark chocolate gelato.

Butter Pecan
Butter pecan flavor with a generous amount of chopped and toasted pecans.

Café Mocha
A mixture of coffee gelato and dark chocolate gelato swirled together.

Cappuccino Chip
Wake up your mouth with this coffee gelato that is paired with shaved chocolate throughout.

Caramello Chocolate Crunch
A rich chocolate gelato with a caramel ripple and chocolate covered toffee pieces sprinkled throughout.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry
A fruity strawberry gelato with melt-in-your-mouth shaved chocolate pieces.

Cookies and Cream
Creamy vanilla gelato with pieces of chocolate wafer cookies mixed throughout.

Coppa Mista
Chocolate, vanilla, almond and pistachio gelato swirled together. Literally means “mixed cup” in Italian. A true Italian flavor!

Crème Brulee
Fashioned after the famous Crème Brulee dessert. Rich and creamy gelato with a dark rum sauce ripple.

Dark Chocolate
Made with pure cocoa for an extremely rich chocolate experience. A chocolate lover’s delight!

Peanut Butter Cup
Rich peanut butter gelato base with a smooth chocolate ripple.

Rocky Road
Fudgy chocolate gelato base with a generous amount of mini marshmallows and cashew pieces.

Our creamy gelato with a chocolate fudge ripple, mini marshmallows and crunchy graham cracker pieces.

Strawberry Fresca
Simple, elegant and very flavorful. Strawberry gelato made with fresh strawberries from the Pacific Northwest. A fresh bowl of summer strawberries and cream.

Vanilla bean gelato with shaved melt-in-your-mouth chocolate.

Espresso gelato with real ladyfinger cookie crumbles. An Italian classic!

Unicorn Bubblegum
Bubblegum flavored gelato with a blue frosting ripple and rainbow sprinkles.

Vanilla Bean
100% pure vanilla extract from vanilla beans grown on the Island of Madagascar with vanilla seeds added for additional flavor.

Red, White and Blueberry

Lychee Fruit 

(Seasonal Flavor)
Tastes like cold pumpkin pie. A holiday favorite.

Sorbetto is a rich and juicy Italian sherbet. All sorbettos are dairy free and contain 85% fruit juice.


Just like eating a cold, fresh mango.

Made with fresh red raspberries from the Pacific Northwest.

Fresh strawberry flavor.