In case you are curious, here are the questions we get asked the most.


What is gelato?
Gelato is Italian ice cream that contains little or no air and less dairy-fat than traditional ice cream resulting in a dense and flavorful ice cream. Come on in for a free sample of one of our 24 flavors of, what we believe, is the best ice cream gelato in Idaho. Check out all our ice cream flavors. 


Do you have dairy-free ice cream?
Yes! We have a selection of Italian sorbettos. All sorbettos are dairy free and contain 85% fruit juice.  Check out all our ice cream flavors.


Do you make your own chocolates?
We make our own handcrafted chocolates like, English toffee, almond bark, peanut clusters, coconut haystacks, caramels, oversized pecan and almond turtles, and jumbo peanut butter cups. You can find these in our chocolate display case!


Where do you get all this stuff?
Our handcrafted chocolates are made by us! The rest of our inventory comes from suppliers all over the US, including Canada and the UK. We work hard to seek out interesting candies and unique retro items to make our store a fun candy adventure.


What old-fashioned candy has come back into production?
After years of not being in production, these old favorites have made a comeback: Tart-N-Tinys, Wacky Wafers, Astro Pops, and Nehi soda. You can always count on these old school favorites filling our shelves: BB Bats, Kits, Bit-O-Honey, Fun Dip, Gold Coins, Candy Cigarettes, Bottle Caps, Zotz, Fruit Stripe Gum, Gold Mine Gum, Pop Rocks, Rootbeer Barrels, Lemon Drops, Atomic Fireballs, and so much more!


Do you have Black Jack gum?
YES! This, one of the most cherished of nostalgic candies, is back on our shelves along with Beeman’s and Clove gum. Also, Teaberry Gum is back!


Do you have coffee?
Yes! We are best known for our affongatos: A scoop of gelato ice cream with a shot of espresso poured over the top. Sooooo yummy! We also have espresso, Americano coffee, and mocha.


Do you ever get sick of watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
What? No, never! One of the best ever movies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, takes center stage as it plays continuously in our store along on two screens. Best paired with our nostalgic candy!


Is the Wonka Bar still being made?
Sadly, the Wonka bar is no longer being made. A few years ago, we even started a campaign with our customers to bring the Wonka Bar back, but as of today it is still not in production. We do, however, have our last bar framed and hanging in our store so you can come see it and reminisce.


Do you do Birthday Parties? What about Family Reunions or other group activities?
Yes! If you are hosting a birthday party or looking for a fun event for your group, we’ve created the sweetest scavenger hunt of our Candy Emporium. With a colorful map in hand, candy explorers will look high and low to find their special treats. Once the scavenger hunt is successfully completed, they will get a special prize. See more information here.


Do you sell gift baskets?
We offer fun Cravin’s Candy Kits. We have a variety of themes along with seasonal/holiday Candy Kits or you can discuss a custom candy kit with one of our Candy Specialists!  Sold online and in the Boise location.

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes! You can buy gift cards at our store or Instant Gift Cards are available online (online Gift Cards are redeemable at our Boise location only). Get a digital gift card here!

With a gift card, you can purchase anything at our store; no restrictions.


Can I get a donation for our event?
We are currently offering our community partners the opportunity to book a Golden Ticket Fundraiser event at our store. With our Golden Ticket Fundraising, you pick a day and we will make it your day at Cravin’s Candy Emporium. See full information here.


Are you hiring?
We are always accepting applications from smiling, happy people. Simply fill out our online application here. Be sure to select which location you are applying for. We interview periodically based on our store needs and availability.


Is Cravin’s your last name?
No, it is not our last name. It comes from “Craving” as in “Everybody has a little cravin’…”


Why did your store change name?
We opened our candy store as “Powell’s Sweet Shoppe” in January 2007 as part of a small franchise group of 18 candy stores. After completing our contract, we decided to rebrand our store. In July of 2016 we opened as Cravin’s Candy Emporium.


How many stores are there?
There are currently four independently owned Cravin’s Candy Emporiums located in Bend OR, Boise ID, Meridian ID, Petaluma, CA, and Windsor CA.





Come in for a treat!


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