About Cravin’s Candy Emporium

Even though we lived in different parts of the country, we both grew up with a beloved neighborhood candy store. As a kid, there was nothing more exciting than choosing  your own sweet treats and paying for them with a fistful of coins that had been saved-up for just such an occasion. Walking home with a brown paper bag full of Sixlets, Blow Pops, a Nut Goodie, and a bottle of Nesbitt’s strawberry soda, was nothing short of sweet success!

Everyday, we feel fortunate to see people from 2 – 92 rediscover long lost treats and share their memories. Our store is located in a neighborhood so we know many of our customers and their children too. We get introduced to grandparents when they are visiting and get to witness the generations talking and sharing childhood memories…it truly is the best part of our job! Our own children like to put on aprons and “help” in the store. We know that this experience will ensure many stories for them to tell their own children and grandchildren!

After being in business for 10 years, we’ve learned that one thing is for sure, candy, especially nostalgic candy, represents simpler times and happy memories. Come rediscover candies from your childhood and indulge in a sweet treat…it just plain makes you feel good!

We look forward to hearing your story…

Joe & Debbie